Early Saturday

by Monkee Monsta'

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The only surviving work by T.Rex artist Monkee Monsta' (aka, Mushuto). Eastern instrumentation, scratched vinyl and some true style with a heart to back it. Mushuto gave the name Monkee Monsta' to this entity for the young boy he helped care for and the son of his friend Visi0n.


released August 1, 2006

Production: Jared E Newby
Re-mastering: BMFD
Album Art: Jared E Newby
Font: "Amputa Bangiz" by Quiccs quiccs.deviantart.com
Label: Trochlear Rex, LLC.
Website: www.trochlearrex.com
License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License
Location: Austin, TX; aka, The ATX




Monkee Monsta' Austin

The entity that Jared Newby called "Monkee Monsta'" caught a lot of people by surprise. Drawing from the genres of turntablism & breakbeat, he then added Eastern instrumentation, producing 3 tracks that met with immediate applause during a low-time for the T.Rex label. Of the 3, "Shadow Puppets" has been most widely acclaimed. Sadly, no more were created before Jared died in September of '07. ... more

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